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This one was their last discussion about son's future. Father said: "Pioneers and successful men have the same conduct during their lives. All of them are unanimous in effectiveness of volition, animus and steady effort. All of them permanently pursue a strict route toward their goal. Most of them were not fortunate people. It means that they didn't reach their ultimate goal by casual attempts. So focus on your education and be innovative in this way and don't waste your life by worthless hobbies!"

Son answered: "I'm a mature man! I love my life style! I won't revise it! I like to expand my life in different aspects toward my destiny. Nothing is sacred! Nothing worth enough to focus all of time! Apparently I don't pledge in altering my life in a way that you waste yours! Period! I'll live in my seconds by whatever I like!"

P.S. I'm confused between these conflicting ideas!

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قصه شاه پریون

سلام... جالب بود ... یعنی معنیش کردم و بیشترش رو متوجه شدم ... خب باباهه یه جورایی داره نسبت به تجربش حرف می زنه اما پسره می خواد راهی که انتخاب کرده بره ..هر دوشون یه جورایی درست می گن... اما بازم بستگی به خود آدم داره که در کدوم راه موفق باشه

مانیا (مانلی سابق)

باباهه چه بیکار بوده نشسته این قد برا بچهه فلسفه بافته! کیه که گوش کنه این روزا آخه؟[چشمک] هر کی دوست داره خودش تجربه کنه و انتخاب


Im Completely agree with boy


قول بده که هرگز با من موافق نباشی، حداقلش این که کاملا یا فی البداهه موافق نباشی. قول بده که همیشه دنبال موضوعی برای مخالفت خواهی گشت، دنبال استثناهایی برای چیزهایی که من نوشته ام و استدلال هایی که به نظرت بی ربط و غلط می رسد. این طوری به من فرصت می دهی که ازت یاد بگیرم.

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I guess the son is right. people should be free to choose, If I were a father I would treat my son as a mature , free, independent human and let him experience life for his own